20+ Best Hunting Apps of 2023 [For iPhone & Android]

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Nowadays people are very fond of hunting and shooting.

In-game hunting, you have to search for large, big wild animals. Men are mostly interested in big game hunting as it involves killing large wild animals.

Hunters get thrilled while hunting as it’s their hobby.

Once they hunt they take several pictures with it and upload them on different social media apps to get fame.

Wild boar hunting games

In Sweden, wild boar hunting is very famous. This hunting is done for the entire year. For this hunting, you need to have clothes for both kinds of climates.

Make sure clothes should be of fine quality so they can save you from the climate as well as animals.

These animals have great hearing power. They can detect danger from far away areas. There are few boar hunting games as follow:

Wild Boar Hunting2

This game has different stages. You have to pass through one level in order to reach the next level. Initially, you will have a rifle then you will see 8 different boars on the screen.

If you kill at least 4 boars you will win half level of the game.

Try not to waste any bullets as they are very limited. Once you kill 4 boars you will immediately win 4 points but if you kill all the boars you will get 100 points as a bonus.

If all bullets are finished and boars are left it means you have lost the game.

You have to start playing it again from level 1 to reach the next level.

You have to hit boars only when they appear on the screen; you can’t kill them if they are hidden behind trees or mountains. 

Sniper Boar Hunting

This is a sniper shooting game having realistic environments and different hunting adventures.

While playing this game you will be a pro at shooting. In this game, you have to hunt moving animals but throughout the game, you have to camouflage yourself.

You need to run very fast in order to catch your hunt. As the challenges in the game will be very difficult and tricky.

All you need to do in this game is to kill the boar so you can survive in the end. 

Millions of individuals enjoy the sport of hunting, and even beyond that it is still an important source of food for many sportsman families in the United States and around the world.

There are many types of hunting out there. Depending on the season, things can look a lot different. Bowhunting deer is going to look a lot different than using a bird dog and shotgun for pheasant hunting. Plenty of states are known for being really good for one type of hunting or another for this reason – because there are so many options.

We will discuss some of the most popular styles of hunting currently practiced in the United States.

Hunting with Modern Firearms

Hunting with modern firearms is probably the most common style practiced today, but it’s important to understand right off the bat that there are different seasons, rules, and regulations for each type of firearm. Shotguns, rifles, and handguns all often have different rules as well as different seasons. For some animals only one of these is legal to use. For others all three are legal, but at different times.

Understanding the way each firearm works, and the power of its shot, is key to picking out the right gun for the season and increasing the chance of a successful hunt.

Muzzleloader (Black Powder) Hunting

Limited in many areas, but popular with a very small group of hunters who love the challenge, muzzleloader season involves the use of any firearms loaded through the muzzle, or basically those that use powder. This traditional form of hunting requires a lot of skill to be able to get into close range with often some very large prey and make a very good high pressure shot.

Big Game Hunting

Aside from the type of weapon used, some people differentiate based on the style of hunting. Most people instantly think of rabbits, deer, birds – the type of animals that are often hunted for both sport and food in a local area. However, big game hunting is quite different and usually refers to trophy hunting. Going after an animal that is more for the challenge or trophy aspect of it as opposed to providing food.

These are the most common forms of hunting in the U.S. and each one provides its own unique challenges and rewards.

Bowhunting apps

Among the various types of hunting out there, bow hunting is probably the second most popular.

Most hunters bow hunt for the local species of deer. This probably accounts for the overwhelming amount of recreational deer hunting that takes place in the U.S.

Whitetail deer and mule deer in particular are very popular with bowhunters. There are also some areas where bow hunting for wild pigs/boars and bighorn sheep are allowed as well. Caribou bow hunting has also continued to grow in popularity over recent years.

One important thing to note is that while many states have crossbows and bows on the same season, that’s not going to be the same case in every state. Make sure to check local rules and regulations as some states separate the two seasons and some do not.

People who have smartphones install various apps on their phones according to their will.

Few install games, a few install weather apps, and a few install bow hunting apps.

Here I have jotted down a few bow hunting apps for your ease.

Trimble GPS Hunt Pro

This app is very helpful in tracking. It easily helps you locate through the spots of blood.

You can easily navigate information regarding maps, moon, or sun phases.

They can easily set up their favorite spot for location.

By tagging the pictures you can easily locate the place. It is a great source for hunting.

This app is easily accessible on Google Play or App Store. You can purchase it worth $4.99. 

iHunt Journal

This app iHunt Journal is among the top trending apps. Users can easily access location, weather, data, and navigation.

It has a proper security system. Its email tracks wildlife hunting with just one click.

It is easily available on Play Store and App Store. On the Play Store, you can purchase this app for $5.99 and on the app store, it is for $8.99. 

Act In Nature

This app is specially designed for groups of hunters. No after what if your messages are off you will still access the location and will check the hunter zones.

In this app, the camera plays a very important role as it tracks the distance. Act In Nature App is easily available on Google Play and  App Store. 

Primos Hunting Calls

You can easily call 20 people. Through this, you can easily locate the hunting animals either it is wolf or deer. You can find this app on Google Play and App Store both for $1.99. 

Hunting Light and Blood Tracker

This app is very useful for hunting. It improves the quality of nighttime for tracking easily. It is easily available on App Store and Google Play for $1.99. 

Hunting weather app

Hunting is not as important these days how it used to be before. We have all the basic necessities available for us. Nowadays people hunt for their physical activity.

Here are a few hunting weather apps which can help you a lot throughout your hunting tenure.


This app is probably one of the great hunting apps.

It has a proper weather system installed which tells you when it’s going to be sunny or when it’s about to rain.

It also has a proper navigation system that informs you about important social elements.

You can do all the customization according to your needs and desires as well. If you want to remove ads you have to pay a few dollars and you can easily play without any interruption.

Vstd hunting apps

This app is available on Google Play. You can easily use it for hunting.

The app has all the facilities available like messaging, weather, location, and navigation.

This app also has a premium version which you have to purchase.

If you don’t want to pay a few cents then go for the free version. 

Hunt predictor app

Hunting apps are growing these days. Here I have discussed a few apps which will help you in the woods and will save a lot of time.


This app is famous and is in the top trending because of its navigation. This is the only app that gives you access to view boundaries and has real-time in the woods.

Although this app is free if you want to locate boundaries prior to that you have to purchase a subscription package that is for $15 a month.

All the details you get after availing of the package are purely authentic.

 Quiver App Co

While using this app you will face a bit of difficulty as its navigation system is not always updated. Because of this, you will face location issues.

But once you reach your destination this app is very much appreciated for that. It has a proper and accurate weather system installed. 

Once you start using this app for your hunting you will love it as it is very helpful. 

All you need to do is click start hunt and the app will tell you your exact location, weather, and battery percentage. You can easily record all the activity happening on the app if it’s images, notes, or any important event. 

Deer tracking apps

Nowadays smartphones are a basic need for everyone. Few times it can be very harmful but if you use it for a good purpose then smartphones are very helpful. Here are few deer tracking apps which can be useful for you.

SAS Survival Guide

This app has all the useful information a hunter needs. It can easily help you in surviving every kind of situation. You will see all the specs, functions, and techniques in it.

It has 14 videos that will guide you towards hunting deer, sea creatures, or wild animals.  

Deer Calls and Tactics

This app has an amazing sound system. It will be beneficial for hunting trips.

This app has 12 deer sounds installed including buck bawl, tending grunt, tending click-grind, and rattling. It has explanations of every sound and phrase. 

Best deer hunting app

Few of the best hunting app are as follow:


This app is most commonly used in North America.

It is connected with WhiteTail which helps you in sharing pictures and important events.

You can also share your hunting pictures on this app.

All other people who are using this app will also be able to see those pictures and can easily comment on them as well.

You can easily seek help and ask questions from other fellow hunters. They also have a competition of hunting through which you can win prizes and giveaways. 

Predator Hunting Calls

This app can help you in locating predators. You can easily hear 12 various sounds. It is specially designed for seasoned hunters.

It has an amazing sound system and has made hunting way too easy for hunters. If you want to search for the same fellow hunter you have to click some sound and through sounds, you will easily connect with the other hunter.

Realtree hunting app

Realtree brings the best of the outdoors into the palm of your hand or directly to your TV through all streaming devices.

You can enjoy new video series from Realtree as close to live as you can get.

It’s all free, and accessible any time, anywhere.

Nowadays hunting is a profession. Here I have jotted down a few apps that will help you in hunting.

Hunting Season Countdown

This app helps you in customizing a date or specific time for hunting.

You can easily add pictures from your prior hunting trip or can add your next goal to it.

You can click live pictures as well or can upload from the camera roll too.

You can make new hunter friends as well.

You can connect through messages or emails. It will give you an altered message that some new hunter is trying to connect. 


This app is perfect for hunting. It will surely help you in becoming a great hunter. This app has a detailed guide. So, whenever or wherever you are stuck simply read the guide and you will easily sort it out.

It is an app that helps you fulfill your hunting goals. Lift trains you for your tasks like how to use objects and how to hold them or how to use them.

It gives you great confidence as it builds up your career and motivates you to do hunting. 

Hunt predictor free app

Hunting is a great hobby. If you are a true hunter then this article is for you. I have jot few apps that will help you in hunting. 

Hunting Light and Blood Tracker

This app is very helpful as it provides you 2 facilities. One is hunting light and the other is blood tracking.

The lights give you perfect visibility. It has colored filters that help you for various purposes.

Red is for stealth, Green is used for night vision and white is perfect for standard lighting.

The blood trackers help you in locating the wounded animals The ID helps you with a flickering light to detect your animals. 

Shot Simulator

This app is designed in 3D form. It is used to detect the skeleton of freshly hunted animals nearby.

It helps you locate the navigation or where you can easily find hunting animals.

This app has a detailed guide that will help you in using the app through hunting.

People confuse this app with a game but this app is basically a tracker which helps you in hunting and achieving your targeted goal. 

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