Best Electronic Coyote Calls of 2021

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Coyote hunting could be either for sport or protecting your prized property. Regardless of the reason you are hunting these animals, you should always have the right tools on hand for when the need arises.

One of the important tools you should have is a best electronic coyote call.

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There are different brands and models of the electronic coyote call in the market, but it takes an expert to know which is better, and worth buying.

You should know the important features to put into consideration because coyotes are intelligent, agile, and cunning animals. So you should be well prepared when you are going hunting.

Here is a list of the Best Electronic Coyote Calls of 2021.

ProductBest forSound CapacityToday’s Price
FOXPRO InfernoOverall200Check Price
ICOTEC GC500Runner up200Check Price
FOXPRO ShockwaveRunner up1,000Check Price
Lucky Duck RoughneckPremium2000Check Price
ICOtec GC300Under 10012Check Price
FOXPRO PatriotBeginner15Check Price
Primos Dogg CatcherBeginner40Check Price

Best Overall Electronic Coyote Call

1. FOXPRO Inferno

FOXPRO Inferno is a top-quality product, and it is relatively cheap.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls - 1. FOXPRO Inferno

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This is one of the lightest electronic coyote calls available on the market. It can be easily controlled using a remote, and this has earned it the reputation of one of the best available.

This product is quite loud, and it provides expert/beginner hunters the flexibility and durability they require from an electronic coyote call. You can store up to 200 different sounds, including the pre-installed 75.

The FOXPRO Inferno has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, this would instill more confidence in you about the quality and durability of this electronic coyote call. For its price range, this is one of the best products you can buy.


  • Lightweight.
  • 75 pre-installed calls.
  • Room for up to 200 sounds.
  • Portable.
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • A bit low volume.
  • The battery door is flimsy and not very secure.


If you need a light but powerful electronic coyote call, this is the right product for you. It would attract coyotes from farther locations, and it is affordable.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls Runner up


The ICOTEC GEN2 GC500 produces amazing, realistic sounds that would keep the coyotes coming when you hunt.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls - 4. ICOTEC GC500

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This electronic coyote call stands out among other products because of its amazing features. This programmable device has 24 calls, but there is space for a maximum of 200 calls. Another plus of the ICOTEC GC500 is that it can be used for other predators also, not only coyotes.

The speakers of the GC500 are clear, sharp, and loud. Amazing remote range sensitivity and it is easy to use. You can stand several yards away, operate the remote, and wait for the predators to arrive.

You can also combine different animal sounds at once, this would help drag more hunt into the territory. The sounds were so real, even would fall for it if you were not holding the remote.


  • Up to 300 Yard Remote Range
  • Program up to 200 sounds
  • No Line-Of-Sight Remote Technology
  • Backlit Remote Screen
  • Tremendous Battery Life


  • Not loud enough


If you need realistic and different sounds, you should go for the ICOtec GC500. The range is great. For its price, this is a solid choice.

3. FOXPRO Shockwave

With FOXPRO Shockwave, you would notice an immediate improvement on your hunts.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls - 3. FOXPRO Shockwave

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Several amazing features make the FOXPRO Shockwave the best electronic coyote call available on the market. It is loud, programmable, long-range, and it has adjustable speakers. It would also help customize your hunt.

You can use the FOXPRO Shockwave for more than one purpose. You can use it to store your data, and also use it to call coyotes. After buying this product, you should take your time to study the FOXPRO technology, it would help a great deal on your hunts.

The four powerful speakers can be used to mimic a predator’s movement by switching the speakers on and off. You can also change the sound pitch; this would increase the chance of coyotes responding to the call.

It has space for 1000 sounds, with 100 preinstalled sounds. This device is great for different weather conditions, whether rain or snow. FOXPRO has made loads of quality, and this FOXPRO Shockwave is no different.


  • Easy to use.
  • Room for up to 1,000 sounds.
  • 2 horn speakers and 2 tweeters.
  • FOXPRO innovations.
  • 5-year limited warranty.


  • Expensive


This dual-purpose electronic coyote call is the product you should buy if it is within your budget. It makes use of new technology not used by other brands. It would also help improve your hunt. This is a great electronic coyote call you would not regret buying.

Best Premium Coyote Call

4. Lucky Duck Roughneck 

Everything you need in an electronic coyote call.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls - 7. Lucky Duck Revolt

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Though Lucky Duck might not have the popularity other brands do, they have produced different electronic callers. The Roughneck is one of the biggest from Lucky Duck, it has very loudspeakers to attract coyotes from farther reach, it can also store as much as 2000 calls including the preloaded 150 calls, recorded and compiled by The Verminator Rick Paillet.

It has a 360-degree rotating base, and this is another feature that distinguishes it from other products. The rotating base allows you to release the sound in different directions, there is a standard decoy in the handle.

Its remote helps control everything you need. It activates the rotating base, changes direction, selects between different speed, long coverage of up to 100 yards, decoy activation.


  • 360-degree rotating base.
  • Motorized remote-controlled decoy.
  • Space for up to 2000 calls.
  • Loudspeakers for a longer range.
  • 4-channel remote controls multiple callers.
  • Loud & clear sound.
  • Industry-leading 3.2″ LCD screen,10 levels of brightness, backlit buttons.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Fragile.


Though this is a new brand, they make unique and durable products. If it suits your preference, it is highly recommendable you go for that.

Best Coyote Calls Under 100

5. ICOtec GC300

ICOtec GC300 is the best entry level e-caller on a budget.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls - 2. ICOtec GC300

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One of the intriguing features of this product is its low price, though the brand is new they have been winning the hearts of everyone. You can play two sounds at a time, and it works well in the snow and rain. The remote connectivity can go as far as 300 yards.

For the price, it is one of the best electronic coyote calls. It has features similar to a $200 unit, and the ICOtec GC300 sells for less than $100.

The brand is new, but they have been making a name for themselves. They make portable, loud, easy-to-use, and affordable products. Apart from the GC 300, there are other electronic coyote calls from ICOtec, and some made it to this list.


  • Produces 12 different sounds.
  • Play two sounds simultaneously.
  • Remote control with a connectivity of 300 yards.
  • Properly timed silence intervals.


  • Poor remote battery life


For the price tag, this is one of the best products you can get. It can be used by both professionals and newbies.

Best Coyote Calls for Beginners

6. FOXPRO Patriot

Great quality, like all FOXPRO products and it is suitable for newbies also.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls - 5. FOXPRO Deadbone

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This device contains the high quality you expect from any FOXPRO brand, and it is reasonably priced. There are 15 pre-loaded sounds, and they would effectively call out the coyotes and other animals.

This is a great product for newbies to start with. It is a reliable way to entice coyotes, and also get you conversant with the world of coyote calling and hunting. It would get the job done without going outside your budget, even for newbies.

You can play two sounds simultaneously to help persuade the coyotes. It runs on 9v batteries. It has waterproof protection for your calling equipment, and it is very light. This product was made in the USA, and it has passed different quality tests.


  • Great for beginners.
  • 15 different pre-loaded calls.
  • Play 2 sounds simultaneously.
  • High-efficiency horn speaker.
  • Affordable


  • The sounds cannot be changed.
  • Remote control fails inexplicably.


If you are new to hunting or electronic coyote call, you can always buy this as your first model, it works great, simple to understand, and use. Just like all FOXPRO products, the quality is top-notch.

7. Primos Dogg Catcher

This is the right device to get you started on your coyote hunting as a newbie.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls - 6. Primos Dogg Catcher

It has 12 different calls already, and these are features seen in $200 callers. So, for lower than $90, you would get the same feature. This is the right place to start for newbies in the world of coyote hunting.

This is an affordable product from Primos, so it offers great quality at a reduced price. It is built to work in different weather conditions because it is made from molded composite.

The Dogg Catcher is lightweight, and this makes it easy to carry around. It has a remote range of up to 150 yards. It has great battery life.


  • Loudspeakers.
  • Great remote range.
  • 36 sounds and 4 preprogrammed Expert Hunts.


  • You cannot program your sounds from foreign devices.


This is a great device for beginners, and the affordable price would also attract more people to it. This is a quality product for its range.

Coyote Calls Buying Advice

When you want to buy an electronic coyote call, there are several factors you should put into consideration. You should consider the price, portability, design, durability, number of speakers, battery power, brand, and sound. So, you should put these factors into consideration before buying any electronic coyote call.


This is one of the major determinants of how effective your device is. The success or failure of your hunting expedition relies greatly on the quality of the speaker. The right speaker would be loud enough to attract coyotes far away. For an effective speaker, you should go for a dual speaker, but you should keep in mind that the sound must be clear, like that of a real animal.


Most electronic coyote calls are preloaded with different animal sounds, but some go the extra mile by providing storage facilities for extra sounds. You can connect using a USB, and then get all the desired sounds you want, though it might cost more. Some devices offer storage space that can contain more than 1000 sounds.


Hunters travel frequently to hunt. This would require carrying some important tools along. You have to buy a portable electronic coyote call, this would make your journey easier, and less stressful. One of the important things your electronic coyote call must have is portability.


The right device must be able to work under different weather conditions. Whether it is snow or rain, your electronic coyote call should function properly and effectively. The right design would make the device more durable than others in the market. It should be able to fit in your backpack, so you would easily move around with it.


If you want to hunt coyotes, you should be willing to work under different weather conditions. The same applies to your electronic coyote call. It could be under heavy rain, heat, or strong wind. Your device must be able to function properly under these conditions.

Battery Power

Here is another important factor that must always be considered. When you use your device to call out coyotes, you are gradually draining its battery. You would not want an instance where the battery dies out in the middle of a hunt, neither would you want to be changing the battery all the time. So when you want to buy an electronic coyote call, you should have all the required details about its battery power before making your decision.


For newbies, you should go for the cheapest and most effective electronic coyote call. This way you can learn the basics at an affordable price. However, you should know that devices with better quality are priced higher. If you want better quality, you should be ready to go all in.

When you put these factors into consideration, it would help guide you towards selecting the appropriate product for your needs. You should also ensure that you create a budget before buying any electronic coyote call so you would not go beyond your spending limit. When you prepare right and do all the necessary things you are in for a great hunt.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls – FAQ’s

Do electronic coyote calls work?

YES, Electronic coyote calls work, and they are essential to making you have a great hunt. Electronic coyote call is a device that makes realistic animal sounds to help attract coyotes when you are hunting. Though there are manual calls, they are not suitable for hunting in the modern world.

What sounds to use when calling coyotes?

During the breeding period, there is a spike in the number of coyote vocals. Some of the sounds you would hear are; female howls, female whimpers, challenge howls, and chirps. These are perfect sounds you can use when you want to call coyotes.

What’s the best time of the day to call coyotes?

Coyotes are nocturnal hunters, so the best time of the day to hunt them is at dawn and dusk. This is the time coyote’s hunt their food, so you would catch them when they are most active. However, you should be careful because they are also smart animals, and any slight mistake might blow your cover.

What is the best predator call app?

The best predator call app would be the Primos Hunting Calls. It offers over 20 calls, and you can select your most preferred sound. Some of the sound categories are; fowl, deer, elk, turkey, and many more. This app would help bring your prey closer. There are different apps available, but the Primos Hunting Call stands out.

How far can a coyote hear a call?

Different factors could influence this, but the regular distance is between 4-6 miles. However, the weather conditions also play an important role in determining how far coyotes can hear a call. Some electronic coyote calls go farther than that.

How long should you call for coyotes?

There is no fixed time for this. One of the major determinants is the availability of coyotes around the area. Sometimes, you might reach your target within a short period, and on other occasions, it might take a day or days to do that. However, you should be careful because coyotes are smart animals and if they get suspicious, hunting them down becomes tedious.

Final Verdict

After reading the electronic coyote call review, you must be well versed on things to look out for when you want to buy yours, and the important features you require for a successful hunt. If the money is not bad, I would highly recommend the Lucky Duck Roughneck.

However, for those on a tight budget, there is a cheaper option that would serve you effectively and efficiently and that is the Foxpro Inferno. It is affordable, and the quality is top-notch. This list should make it easy for you when you want to buy your electronic coyote call.

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