ICOtec GC320 Review: Quality Sounds and Built-in Decoy

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The ICOtec GEN2 GC320 is the tool hunters need to bring in more predators and increase their chances of safely getting rid of other vermin. They take the original base model of the ICOtec GC300 and tweak it to make it a bit more feature-rich and capable for the field. It’s sure to give you a step up in your game calling career. 

With quality sound and a built-in decoy you can lure in predators easier than before. If you’re making your way further into the world of game calling, this is a great move to get some experience with more sound and a decoy.

Overview of ICOtec GC320

ICOtec GC320

The ICOtec GC320 is the next level up from the previous GC300. It has 24 quality-rich sounds that are specialized to get the popular big game. With these 24 sounds and ICOtec’s dual sound capability, you can create a vast number of combinations to get the right scenario for anything. 

Like the other models in the GEN 2 GC series, you can connect an external speaker to this model to boost its volume and quality. We do think the 12w speaker is pretty good for the cost and will perform well at middle volumes and medium to low pitches. The PD400 is a great basic decoy that also lights up, making it useful in night time hunts. Overall, the ICOtec GEN2 GC320 is a great option for hunters that are still learning. 

Key Features

Sound Library

ICOtec included 24 preloaded sounds on the GC320, which should be enough to get the basic hunter going. It’s definitely enough to create a successful hunt, but may not be enough for everyone that wants to go deep into the world of calling. 

While there are only 24 sounds, they are of great quality. We see only the best quality for sounds from ICOtec and even on this basic model that stays true. 


The 12w speaker that comes built into the ICOtec GC320 is good quality and you can hear it for at least 500 yards. That means you can be sure that predators are hearing it from much further away. 

If you don’t think that is enough, there’s no need to worry. The auxiliary jack on this caller makes it capable of attaching to an external speaker. While 500 yards should be far enough for your volume, if you want to boost that even higher then you easily can. 

The other great feature that you get from ICOtec in the GC320 is the capacity to play two sounds at once. This allows you to truly enhance the simulation that you are creating to fool any animals out there. Playing an attack call at the same time as a distress call is far more likely to draw in prey than only a single call. It’s just more realistic. 

Remote Control

The remote control of the ICOtec GC320 is one of its greatest assets. It allows you to control the caller from up to 300 yards away, and you don’t even need to be in line of sight for that to work. This gives you a great opportunity to hunt from any blind and not worry about the remote not working when the time comes. 

Each button has two different calls set to it for the ICOtec GC320 and are sorted into the A bank and B bank for ease of use. This makes it incredibly easy to find the call that you want without having to scroll through a huge library and make your choice from there. 

The remote control also will easily control the decoy, allowing you to lure the prey directly into a trap that you have set beforehand. This can mean a much safer hunt without the need to even shoot. 

ICOtec GEN2 GC320 Remote control

The buttons on this remote light up when you want them to, which makes it the perfect remote for night hunting. 

Decoy Included

The ICOtec GEN2 GC320 comes along with the PD400 decoy and plenty of other decoy toppers to customize your decoy. This decoy will move back and forth with the click of a button and play a huge role in getting the interest of a predator quickly. 

The LED on the end of the decoy will light your top up and let it be much more visible at dusk or in the night. You have full control over how this decoy moves and what you want to mimic to best draw in your prey. 


The one year warranty that ICOtec includes with the ICOtec GC320 is your typical factory warranty. It will cover a broad range of incidents including animal-related damages. This will leave you in good hands and with the comfort of knowing you’re covered. 


Battery life and lights

The batteries that are needed to operate the ICOtec GC320 remote and caller are plentiful, and not all that common. You can’t find the batteries that you need everywhere and you’ll need to keep A23 batteries on hand for the remote. 

When the battery starts to die, you won’t even know. There are two lights, one on the remote and one on the caller, that let you know when the battery is out. An indicator would be incredibly helpful, but just keep extra batteries with you at all times. 

Not programmable

The 24 sounds on this caller are great, but you aren’t able to add more or change the ones that you have on there. If you find that you don’t like certain sounds, you will still have to work around them. 

Sensitive buttons on remote

The buttons on the remote are reportedly sensitive to harsh use and can easily be pushed by accident. The on and off switch is known to be tricky and can turn the remote off when you want it on. This can be avoided just by being careful and aware of what you are doing with the remote. 

ICOtec GC320 Alternatives

If you want to move up a step or two and allow yourself to program sounds, check out the ICOtec GC350. It has the same capacity for sound, but you can program it to be more personalized and really get the sounds you want on the caller. 

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Final Verdict on ICOtec GC320

The ICOtec GC320 is a great caller for beginners that want to explore what it’s like to use an electronic game caller while hunting. It has a decent sound library that will be more than enough to get you started and get the feel of using a caller. 

For a low price, you can get the ICOtec GC320 and know you have a simple, durable caller that will definitely bring more to the field when you head out. 

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