ICOtec GC350 Review: The First Programmable Caller from ICOtec

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The first programmable caller of the GEN2 series from ICOtec is the GC350. This programmable caller is perfect for intermediate hunters looking at learning to program their own calls and experiment with a wider array of sounds. While you won’t be dropping a huge amount of money, you know that you will be getting quality from ICOtec. 

The ICOtec GC350 is just another rung in the ladder towards expertise. If programming sounds is what’s next, that means the GC350 is the pick. It has all the same features of the previous models, but gives you the chance to create more customization and personalization. 

Overview of ICOtec GC350

Finding the perfect caller is a difficult task when you are presented with such a host of options. There are 500 dollar callers that will hold twice that many sounds, and some like the GEN2 GC300 are broken down to the basics of 12 sounds. It’s the tricky spot in between that you may be searching for if you consider yourself neither a beginner nor an expert. 

The ICOtec GC350 covers that middle ground perfectly. You get the chance to prep for your hunt by programming the calls, but you don’t have to sift through hundreds of sounds while in the field. It allows you to keep your focus on the hunt. This user-friendly caller is made for you to bring in big predators with an easy-to-use remote and speakers that will get you the sound you need. It’s the whole package.

Key Features


This caller is incredibly lightweight and portable, but doesn’t sacrifice any durability to get there. The hard plastic shell that houses the speaker is guaranteed to put up with a lot of tough love from the long and difficult days.

The handle makes it simple and comfortable to transport, and you’ll never feel weighed down by the slight 1.6 pounds that this caller is. At 8x6x4 inches, you will be able to slide it easily into a small bag to throw on your back for longer treks. 

Remote Control

This remote is going to easily operate within 300 yards from the caller, and won’t have any difficulty when you get out of sight from it. That’s a big ask for remotes these days when most demand that you are in line of sight and much, much closer. 

ICOtec GEN2 GC350 remote control

The 12 call buttons each will hold two separate sounds, separated into A and B classes for easy maneuvering. This model has a pause button which will allow you to pause a call in the middle of it. Most callers will play the full call through and you have no control of stopping it halfway when something may come up. 


These speakers don’t hold back in either power or quality. The 15 watt speakers will work with .wav, .mp3, as well as custom audio formats. The pure and crisp sound files that you load onto the caller will come out equally as clear from the other end. When you have the speakers that don’t match the sound, you often end up pushing predators away. 

Sound library

The maximum capacity of the ICOtec GC350 is going to be 24 sounds. This is programmable to make it whatever 24 sounds that you want, but that will be all you have access to with the remote. You get the chance here to easily get rid of the sounds that you may not want, and throw some sounds in that you need. This way, you won’t be stuck with sounds for animals that live nowhere near you. 

SD Cards

SD cards allow you to stay up to date with the technology of the world and the electronic callers that come with it. You can fit all 24 sounds from high quality sources like Wildlife Technologies easily onto an SD card. 

The greatest part about SD cards is that they are tiny and easy to bring multiple into the field. If you want more than the 24 sounds you started with, load up multiple cards and create a good organization system to understand what you’re getting. 


Like most ICOtec products, the ICOtec GC350 comes backed with a solid one-year warranty. Their customer service is known to be great and they’ll help you out when you need it. 


Decoy not included

Unfortunately, the GC350 doesn’t come with a decoy like the GC320 does. It means that you are going to need a separate purchase in order to get the additional help in the field from a decoy. 

The AD400 decoy is perfectly compatible with the ICOtec GC350. It’s made to plug in and function perfectly alongside it, but you will need to get it separately. 

Uncommon batteries for the remote

While the caller and a decoy, if you purchase one, will use AA batteries, the remote uses A23 12V batteries. These are the kind that are found in garage door openers, but not much else. They are more difficult to find and if you need to pull them from another appliance, check the garage door opener. Just make sure you remember the manual code first. 

Insufficient volume

If you’re looking for something that will be perfectly responsive and of the highest quality sound, you may want to add an external speaker. This will give you the extra power to get ultra-loud sounds to be heard across valleys everywhere. We still stand by our belief that the original speakers have a ton of power to them. You just may want more. 

ICOtec GC350 Alternatives

If you still want the programmable caller in your gear, but don’t think the GC350 is the one, check out the FoxPro Inferno to really hit the next level. This caller brings in a huge amount of sounds with it, but keeps all the great features that the ICOtec GC350 offers. 

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Final Verdict on ICOtec GC350

It’s hard to not encourage you to get out and buy the ICOtec GEN2 GC350 today. This caller is a fantastic little device for those that consider themselves intermediates. It does a great job at bringing prey and is the perfect test for getting into programmable callers. 

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