Lucky Duck Revolt Review: Huge sound at 360°

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Find the electronic caller that does it all is going to be a hard task to accomplish. If you’re new to the game or a veteran, you know that the choice is a tough one. The Lucky Duck Revolt is a caller that brings unique features to the hunt that are hard to find in other callers.

Lucky Duck has been giving quality callers to hunters for years on end, and they just won’t stop. The Revolt is another step up in the game to give us one of the best electronic coyotes calls in the game. It has an unmatched volume and is controlled to move around and put sound out at 360°. With this caller, you can attract predators from miles away in all directions. 

Overview of Lucky Duck Revolt

As one of the larger callers on the market, the Revolt weighs 4.7 pounds and measures 11.5” x 4” x 10.5”. With every extra ounce comes another notch of volume and unique features. The robust design that Lucky Duck has given the Revolt means that you have no worries of breaking this caller on the way to the hunt. 

The decoy is included in all Lucky Duck callers, which we love to remind you of. This is something you typically have to pay more for, and this is a quality decoy included in the price. The remote controls all of the sounds, the rotation, and the decoy, at a reasonably far distance. Overall the Revolt should go straight on to your wishlist. 

Key Features

360 Degree Rotating Stand

With the push of a single button, you can have the Lucky Duck Revolt spinning 360 degrees on its Y-axis. This makes sure that the sound is carried in all directions, greatly extending your reach for predators in the area. 

The motorized stand that folds up and is held on to the base of the caller by a strong magnet is quiet, which will make sure to not scare off any predators that come close. Not only is it quiet, it can go clockwise, counter-clockwise, and functions in a scan mode, going back and forth at 180 degrees. 


A tweeter is incorporated into the speaker to give you access to high pitched sounds with impressive tones. Overall, the tweeter gives you a higher quality sound at high volumes. With the Lucky Duck Revolt, this is a necessary feature because of the high volumes that can be reached with it. 

Remote Control

Lucky Duck has gone to extreme lengths to make sure this caller functions perfectly and easily. That function extends to the remote. This remote is easy to use, doing everything you would expect such as the volume, mute, stop and start calls. It also will control the spin of the caller from a distance of up to 100 yards. 

You can link multiple callers to a single remote to really expand your hunting grounds with different channels on the remote. These show up on the backlit display screen, which is easy to navigate. The large screen makes it so the buttons are simple and you can easily memorize them to use it at night. 

Speakers and High Volume

The speakers used in this caller are packed with power. The power doesn’t tamper with the quality of the sound at all. The Lucky Duck Revolt has the same level of sound quality as callers in a much higher price bracket. 

You get to combine volume and gain with the 32 different steps in volume and the 3-step gain control option. Using this combination in the right way can result in the perfect sounds being put out. 

Sound library

100 preloaded sounds come inside of the Lucky Duck Revolt, with the room to fit up to 2,000 sounds in total. These preloaded live animal sounds have been compiled by The Verminator, Rick Paillet, and have been used to win the World Coyote Calling Contest.

The preloaded sounds come sorted into 17 navigable folders that make it easy to find what you need at the moment you need it. The SD card will support .mp3, .wav, .wma, and .LD sound files, giving you a wide range of options when installing sound. 

The 2,000 sounds will be more than enough to take you around the world into various hunting scenarios, and have the call to make the catch. 


Unlike other brands, Lucky Duck believes that the decoy is just a part of the caller. This decoy comes as standard, which we believe should be seen across the market. You get 3 different speeds of movement, easily controlled by the remote, and the decoy simply hides away in the carrying handle when you’re not using it. 


No Backlit Buttons

For night hunting, you may have some trouble with the remote because of the lack of lighting. The buttons don’t glow in the dark or have any backlighting. That means you either have to memorize the buttons or pull out a small light. The good news is that the buttons are simple and there aren’t a high number of them. You can get them memorized quickly and use the lit screen to navigate your sounds. 

Large Size

The Revolt is much larger than a lot of other callers on the market. That means that you’re going to have a little more trouble transporting it over long distances. The weight is the price you pay for getting this beast of a caller that will put sound out for every predator to hear. 


The caller itself requires 10 AA batteries and the remote takes 3 of them. This is a huge number of batteries, especially if you get to go out hunting every day. We would suggest getting a rechargeable battery pack to help lighten the financial load of buying so many batteries. 

Lucky Duck Revolt Alternatives

Lucky Duck Roughneck

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If you want to really up the game just a little bit more and add some more features to the Revolt, you can check out the Lucky Duck Revolution. It has a camera included to record what you’re out there hunting and all the great features of the Revolt. It’s a great alternative if you’re still looking for just a bit more. 

Final Verdict on Lucky Duck Revolt

The Lucky Duck Revolt is a wildly impressive electronic caller that brings the volume to blow you out of the water. It performs when it needs to, and lets you put a safe distance between you and the rotational sound coming from the caller. This will take the chunk of area you’re currently calling to and boost it up a dozen levels with its volume and quality of sound. There’s no doubt that this is the caller to get the most out of your hunt. 

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