Lucky Duck Riot Review: Lightweight and portable, but packed full of quality

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If you’re looking to move up a bit in the world of predator hunting, the Lucky Duck Riot electronic game caller is a great next step to get yourself some high-quality performance out in the field. This caller has a huge amount of features packed into a small package that is easily transported through the field. When you’re trying to trick coyotes and other predators, you need every tool available to get them near. 

Lucky Duck has proven to us over and over again that their products are high quality and will perform well for you. Not only does it operate well, but the Riot also is incredibly easy to use and won’t take much to figure out even if you head straight out to hunt after getting it in the mail. 

Overview of Lucky Duck Riot

50 of the best-quality sounds created by Rick “The Verminator” Pailett are featured in the 2.15-pound caller that will go anywhere with you and help you catch anything. The remote control features an LCD screen that is simple to navigate and gives you a range of 300 feet. The external speaker AUX jack will let you plug in and get even more sound. 

Just like all of Lucky Duck’s products, the Riot comes along with a top-notch decoy that adds to your hunt and will lure prey in once they’re in sight. Once you’ve run through every predator you can catch with the 50 preloaded sounds, you can get up to 2,000 total sounds to keep on building your trophy case. This caller is one of the best of the best. 

Key Features

Remote Control

The remote control on the Riot is one of its best qualities. You get four buttons for easy recall to some of your favorite sounds without having to flip through the large library. When you do flip through the library, you do it on a backlit LCD screen that’s easy to navigate. The remote is going to operate perfectly from up to 300 feet away, outside of the line of sight of the caller. 

One of our favorite parts of this remote is its ability to function on four different radio wavelengths. This means that you are capable of switching channels and operating four different callers at the same time with the same remote. Imagine the scenarios you can create with that kind of capacity. 


The speaker installed in the Lucky Duck Riot makes you believe that you purchased a much more expensive caller. The volume is impressive and the sound quality stays pure and crisp even at high volumes. That’s not something that you find very often in this price range. 

Sound library

With 50 preloaded sounds that were designed by Rick “The Verminator” Pailett, you should be set for a while. If these 50 sounds prove to not be enough, you can program up to 2,000 sounds on this little speaker. If that’s not enough, remember you can operate four of these at once with the remote. 

The preloaded sounds come neatly organized in folders so you don’t have too much trouble finding them when you want to use them. It’s so important to keep your sound library organized, and Lucky Duck does that for you. 

The only thing you need to remember is that this caller will only recognize and play .mp3, .wav, or LD sound files. 

Tripod Mountable

This caller comes with a universal thread mount for a tripod to elevate your sound and project it out over the valley for the best effect. This is a great feature when you want to stop the ground from muffling your sound, especially in winter as the snow will eat all of the sound. 

The Riot doesn’t come with a tripod, but it’s highly recommended that you invest in one

Rechargeable Battery Pack

In order to get around the fact that this caller uses such a high number of batteries, Lucky Duck includes a rechargeable battery park with the Lucky Duck Riot. That means you won’t need to buy every pack of AA batteries that the store has to offer before you can go out hunting. 


At 2.15 pounds, you can easily fit this caller into your backpack and be off without ever noticing the weight. This makes it so easy to carry around with you and not get dragged down by a heavy caller. You can even bring along an additional external speaker because you’ve saved so much on weight with the caller. 


Like all of Lucky Duck’s products, they include a high-quality motorized decoy with the Lucky Duck Riot. This is a great way to up your hunt even more and lure the prey to exactly where you want them. The decoy functions well with the remote and you can control it from your blind without ever needing to worry about being in danger. 


Lucky Duck covers all of their products with a one-year warranty from any defects and some other damages. This is a great chance to use the whole year to truly test this product out and see what it’s capable of without worrying about it breaking. 


Large number of batteries 

The Lucky Duck Riot requires a total of 13 AA batteries, and that’s a lot of batteries. Luckily, they also give you the rechargeable battery pack to help you use the same batteries over and over. 

Tripod is not included

While the caller is able to mount on a tripod, they don’t include a tripod with the purchase. This is a great feature, but you will need to buy the tripod separately. It is another purchase that’s incredibly worth it. 

Lucky Duck Riot Alternatives

Lucky Duck Roughneck

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If you’re thinking that the Lucky Duck Riot might not be enough for you, either with power or quantity of sounds, you need to check out the Lucky Duck Roughneck. While this one comes at a higher price, it also comes loaded with so many more features that the Riot doesn’t have. 

Final Verdict on Lucky Duck Riot

The Lucky Duck Riot is the perfect purchase for someone that’s expanding their hunting. It allows hunters to get the most out of a high-quality caller as well as continue building their sound library until it’s packed full of 2,000 calls. This is an incredible product with a great value for its price. 

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