Lucky Duck Rebel Review: A small caller with a powerful sound

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When you’re trying out a new form of hunting, there’s a lot of trial and error that will be involved. Like most other skills, you will want a good mentor that can be there by your side to help you succeed. In this arena, a good beginner caller will do exactly that.

The Lucky Duck Rebel is a great option for those wanting to break into coyote hunting and need a good partner in crime. It gives you everything you want in a first caller and then some. With this caller by your side you’ll be sure to find success even in the early days of big predator hunting. 

Overview of Lucky Duck Rebel

The Lucky Duck Rebel comes onto the market as another great option for a beginner. It has twelve sounds that are professionally crafted by Rick Paillet, aka “The Verminator”. These twelve sounds are designed to be effective at bringing in a large array of different predators for your hunt. 

The Rebel is a compact little caller that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality for size. It weighs just under two pounds and is easy to bring around and quickly assemble once you’ve reached your hunting grounds. With the remote that reaches up to 300 feet, you’ll be sure to get a huge amount of use out of this caller.

Key Features

Packable Design

The Lucky Duck Rebel was crafted ingeniously. The unit is built in a way that allows you to store away both the decoy and the remote inside of the caller. This makes keeping everything together simple and you’ll never forget the remote in the back of your truck again. 

12 Professionally Crafted Sounds

Rick Paillet, more commonly known as “The Verminator”, has put together twelve sounds that are specifically designed to bring in predators. Each one of these sounds is going to work towards bringing you the trophy that you set out for. They are of the highest quality on the market and only compare to callers of a much higher price range. 

Motorized Decoy

One of the top features on the Rebel is the included decoy. Lucky Duck seems to believe that the decoy is essential to their electronic callers and include them in with every product. With the decoy you have the addition of a visual stimulation to draw in more predators. This helps create an even more realistic simulation, which is exactly what we’re going for. 

When the predator draws close to your caller you can activate the movement with your remote and keep it distracted while you take your aim. 

Remote Control

The remote that comes along with the Rebel is simply a beginner’s remote. It has clearly labeled buttons with each sound printed on the button for ease of use. It will control volume, as well as mute the sounds and recall. 

The remote works at a range of up to 300 feet. This isn’t inside of the line of sight, and you can be tucked away in a blind and still activate the caller with ease. 

The remote also allows for two sounds to be played simultaneously. As we mentioned earlier, we are trying to create a more realistic simulation and this is what helps you bring that to a new level. Combine an attack call with distress and you will get far more intrigue from predators. 


The speakers featured in the Rebel are the top-quality in the sport. These are on par with callers that can be up to three times the cost. The clarity and volume are impressive, which really ups the value of Lucky Duck products


At just under two pounds, this is one of the lightest callers out there. It is incredibly portable and even packs in on itself. With all of this you can grab it by the rubber coated handle and hike for hours without feeling dragged down. 



The unit itself takes 10 AA batteries in order to operate. The remote needs a 12V 23A battery which is much less common than the AA. While this is a huge number of batteries, the good news is that Lucky Duck offers a rechargeable battery pack, which is a must to save some extra dollars. 

No Display Screen on Remote

Unfortunately, this remote doesn’t have a display screen so it can be hard to tell when the battery is dying and is difficult to use at night. The remote is still incredibly easy to use right out of the box, and the display screen would just be a luxury of sorts. 

Not Programmable

The twelve sounds that the Lucky Duck Rebel comes along with are the twelve sounds you’re stuck with. This caller isn’t programmable, but twelve sounds should be more than enough to get a novice started at learning the ins and outs of the game. 

Lucky Duck Rebel Alternatives

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If you’re wanting to level up the game a bit and are willing to pay a bit more, the Lucky Duck Riot has a huge storage capacity for sounds and add display screen on remote, adds more to the features that the Rebel comes with. 

Final Verdict on Lucky Duck Rebel

The Lucky Duck Rebel caller is a great choice for novices and experts alike. It has a high quality sound that is unmatched at this price range, and is insanely lightweight. With the included motorized decoy, you’ll be set up well for getting out hunting right away.

There’s no doubt that this will be a great introduction or addition to your current game calling experience. 

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