FoxPro Inferno Review: Best Portable Call

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FoxPro continues to excel in the world of electronic callers that get hunters the results they’re after, without charging a fortune. The FoxPro Inferno is another one of these callers in a line of great predator callers that come in with a low price tag but don’t cut corners. 

If you’re looking for something that is impressively compact and portable with incredible volume, then the Inferno is definitely worth checking out. You wouldn’t expect FoxPro to be able to fit as many features into a 1.5 pound caller, but they get it done.

This one impresses us with its long range distance that will bring predators in from huge distances and its 3-year warranty that leaves you feeling safe and comfortable with the purchase. 

Overview of FOXPRO Inferno

When it comes to portability, the Foxpro Inferno is king. The 1.5 pounds of quality-built caller will easily go anywhere with you but doesn’t short you on any of the features that help you hunt. With 75 preloaded sounds and room for up to 200, you are going to be able to bring this caller with you around the world and have the sounds for international predators readily available. 

The Inferno comes along with FoxBang technology that helps you remain handsfree and focused after you have discharged your firearm. There’s no interruptions when you get to work with the Inferno. It is made to be incredibly user-friendly and it definitely delivers with the ability to connect an external speaker and boost the sound even more. 

Key Features


The Foxpro Inferno comes with 75 professional sounds preloaded on the machine. This is an incredible deal that allows you to be prepared to hunt right from the get-go. There aren’t many callers that are coming fully loaded like this and prepared for the hunt.

The FoxPro library of sounds lets you easily hook up and download more sounds to the caller for free. You can get access to a load of different calls to help you specialize your hunt. With the capacity for 200 different sounds, the Foxpro Inferno is going to let you get the jump on a wide array of predators. 

Excellent Connectivity

Getting more sounds downloaded onto the Inferno is a breeze. You can connect to your PC easily and get sounds downloaded so you are ready to go for more species and different simulations. 

The auxiliary jack is great for adding in a decoy to your hunt. There is also an external speaker jack that will help you to get a boost of sound when you need it.

Lightweight & Portable

At 1.5 pounds, it’s difficult to say that there’s anywhere you can’t take the Foxpro Inferno. It’s small enough to fit in a small pack and still give you good sound. Injection molded ABS means that you can get a light build that is still going to be incredibly durable. The fact that this one can travel easily gives it an edge on other callers when you may have a long hike to get into the predator’s territory. 

Easy to use

The remote that comes with the Foxpro Inferno is the TX-915 that is highly user-friendly and has a great range on it. The interface on the remote is easy enough to make sure you don’t play the wrong sounds at the wrong times. There aren’t too many complicated buttons and you don’t need to ensure that you are incredibly close to the caller to get the connection you need. 


For all of the features that come along in the Inferno, we would expect the price tag to be a bit higher. FoxPro has made this incredibly affordable, which puts it as one of the best callers that are available in its price range. If you are looking to get a quality product without a huge investment, the Inferno delivers. 


A three-year warranty comes along with the Foxpro Inferno. This should be enough to get the hang of the product and test it out without any fear of it breaking down on you mid-hunt. 

FOXPRO Inferno Cons

Smaller speaker and Lower volume

While we love the compact build and portability of this caller, the smaller speaker simply means a lower volume. It’s still rather impressive for its size but you won’t be calling anything in from miles and miles away with this speaker. 

Remote buttons are harder to manipulate with gloves and don’t light up

We’ve found that the remote buttons can be difficult to use when you’re out in the cold and need to wear thick gloves. Unfortunately, your life will be a lot easier if you just take the gloves off. 

If you’re out doing any night hunting, you’ll need another light just to see the remote control buttons, unless you’ve memorized the layout. This is a big drawback as lights can spook your prey quite quickly. 

Do not come with the cable to download new sounds

If you don’t already have the right hookups, there’s going to be a trip to the electronics store in your near future. While the FoxPro library is impressive, you need the right cord to access it and it doesn’t come along with the Inferno. 

Too many unauthorized retailers

There have been a lot of people selling the Inferno that aren’t meant to be. Make sure you buy this from a reliable source to make sure you’re getting the right product and the warranty that’s promised with it. 


The Foxpro Inferno is going to be perfect for some hunter, but not everyone. If you’re reading the disadvantages of the Inferno and want a caller that will cover those areas and give you more success, check out either the ICOtec GEN2 GC500 or the FOXPRO HammerJack. We’ve found both of these callers to be great options for where the Inferno may miss the mark. 

Final Verdict on FoxPro Inferno

For its price, the Inferno gives you a great sound and range of connectivity with an easy to use remote. There’s a huge library that’s now going to be at your disposal and you’ll find this caller easy to travel with and bring along on any hunting trip. With the Inferno, you’ll know that you’ve gotten the best bang for your buck. 

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