FoxPro Fusion Review: Reliable, Effective, and Durable

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We know that FoxPro makes high-quality products and they’ve been proving that for years on end now. The FoxPro Fusion comes into the market as one of the top callers coming from this incredibly reputable brand. There’s a load of reasons why we’ve fallen for this caller over a lot of others. 

If you’re going out hunting, the FoxPro Fusion is going to make one of the most perfect companions to bring out with you. It is proven to be effective in increasing your kill rate and letting you bring home more trophies every time you go out. The durable and compact design means you can bring it just about anywhere, in a wide array of environments, and know that it will still perform. 

Overview of The FoxPro Fusion

This caller is 3.5 pounds of pure performance with the best technology for predator hunting put into a single durable casing that makes it easy and fun to use. With two speakers on the unit, in the front and the back, you get a wide range of sound getting put out into the land to bring in those predators you’re after. The front speaker is a horn while the back is a cone speaker, and together they will be put to use making the most effective simulations. 

The remote control that is used for the Fusion is an advance on the previous models for callers like the Foxpro Patriot. With this remote, you can personalize your caller and get the type of hunt you are after. The auxiliary jacks allow you to connect external speakers and a decoy to get a bigger sound and simulation that draws more game in. 

Key Features


The dual-speaker system on the FoxPro Fusion is a great way to enhance the sound that you are using to lure in predators. The front speaker is a horn while the back is a cone speaker. They are capable of being used separately but you can also use them together to get the best results. 

These speakers are built to be loud enough to reach predators miles away. If you increase the sound to the full max, you’re sure to get the volume that you’re after. If it’s still not enough, adding external speakers will help you get there. The quality of the sounds you install will need to be the top quality to maintain the sound quality at such a loud volume. 


The 100 sounds that come preloaded on the Fusion are from a library that holds sounds only of the best quality that you can find. This caller has an internal storage capacity of 4GB, allowing you to store up to 1,000 different sounds. There’s no doubt that this storage is one of the highest of all callers and will give you the space to play with a huge array of sounds. 

The Fusion supports MP3, WAV, 24B, and FXP files, which gives you a good variety of different formats to pick from. A 2.0 USB cable is what you’ll need to hook up new sounds to the caller and get the full carrying capacity of 1,000 calls. 


The TX1000 is the remote that comes along with the FoxPro Fusion, and it’s almost worth getting the caller just to get the remote. The backlit buttons allow you to use the remote easily in the dark and are impressively easy to manipulate with gloves on in the winter. 

The remote uses 3 AA batteries to run the backlit display and high screen quality. It’s going to last you for a while on one set of batteries, but it’s also worth looking into rechargeable batteries to save yourself some money in the long run. 

While a lot of other FoxPro remotes will reach up to 300 yards, the TX1000 only gets to about 100 yards. While this doesn’t seem like a lot relatively, we often find ourselves never using the 300-yard range of other remotes anyway and are perfectly happy with 100 yards. 

FOX features

FoxPro has a list of great technology and features that they use in their callers.

  • The FoxPro Fusion comes along with FoxFusion, which allows you to play two sounds at once.
  • FoxCast is made to play an entire list of sounds in a playlist format, one after the other, so your operation time is lessened. 
  • FoxMotion moves sound from one speaker to the other to trick the predator into thinking the animal is moving back and forth.
  • FoxPitch lets you change the pitch of each sound so you can fine-tune each sound and control the response of a nearby predator. 
  • FoxData is a great way to track data from your stand like temperature and your hunting time.
  • FoxGrip lets you use a simple remote trigger from the caller for easy and quick sounds. 

Lightweight & portable

While it’s not the lightest caller on the market, 3.5 pounds is still incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around. The handle on the FoxPro Fusion is ergonomic and easy to carry around with you. This is another caller that’s easy to throw in your pack and forget about until you need it. You don’t need to lug a huge amount of weight out into the woods to get the sound that you want. 

Other important features

One feature you can use on the Fusion that you don’t get on everything else is the ability to program sounds to play in response to external sounds that happen at a certain decibel. This can be you firing your weapon or the sound of another animal nearby that will trigger more sounds to play. 


The 5-year limited warranty is the top that FoxPro offers. We see a lot of one-year warranties, but the FoxPro Fusion comes with full security for five years. This is going to make you feel comfortable with the purchase so you don’t need to worry about wasting any money on a bigger purchase. 

FoxPro Fusion Disadvantages

No Decoy

Decoys add a lot to the hunt and the FoxPro Fusion, unfortunately, doesn’t come along with a decoy. FoxPro builds some high-quality and effective decoys, but you’ll need to purchase one separately. If you already have one, it will easily fit on this caller with the auxiliary jack and you’ll be set up in no time. 

FoxPro Fusion Alternatives

While the FoxPro Fusion has a feature-rich design and a list of positives that goes on longer than most, it still might not be the right one for you. If you feel that you’re wanting something in the same price range that comes with a decoy, the ICOtec Outlaw Caller is a great option. It comes along with an effective and field-tested decoy as well as a host of other features and quality sounds. 

ICOtec Outlaw E-call

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Final Verdict on FoxPro Fusion

In the end, it’s difficult to find anything that adds up to the same list of features that the FoxPro Fusion has to offer. With all of the different FoxFeatures as well as typical qualities that strong callers have, it’s almost unbeatable in its price range. If you pair it with a decoy, you’ll be able to get almost everything you want out of it. This is a caller that works to be effective as a hunting companion and surely won’t disappoint you in the field. 

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