Best Weapons for Hunting

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Weapons are a must-have item for the hunter. And it is evident that a hunting weapon that adjusts to our hunting conditions makes the days more productive and satisfying. All hunters have various hunting weapons, whether they are shotguns or rifles, and their success depends a lot on their good performance. Thus, the hunting weapon becomes the extension of whoever uses it, having to cover the particular needs of each person, since not all of us face or all of us shoot in the same way, nor are we all comfortable with depending on what weight.

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However, it is true that there are certain weapons that are better for certain types of hunting. For example, for small game hunting, the best option is to go for a parallel shotgun and if we are talking about big game hunting, we recommend bolt action rifles. But the truth is that, today, we can find in the market a great variety of shotguns, both new and second-hand, so choosing the best weapons for sport hunting is not always an easy task. 

Here are some tips to help you decide which one is best for you.

Single-shot shotguns

Also known as single-barreled shotguns, single-shot shotguns are often quite difficult to see. In general, they have a small caliber of .410 or 28 and are highly recommended for hunters who are starting out in the activity and do not have much experience. But they are also very popular in certain types of hunting, such as the partridge with a male claim.

Repeater shotguns

A type of weapon that allows you to shoot every time you pull the trigger, without having to reload. At present, they are used in different types of hunting and for shooting competitions in closed areas. A weapon that has continued to gain adherents since the early years of the 20th century.

Parallel shotguns

Also known as juxtaposed shotguns, from the aesthetic point of view they are the most beautiful, but we should not get carried away by just that. In fact, although they were very popular a few decades ago, they are used less and less due to their price since they do not have interchangeable shocks. Although it is true that they are still used quite a bit in partridge hunting in ojeo, generally in pairs.

Overlapping shotguns

They are quite popular and their price is usually cheaper than that of parallel shotguns, but higher than that of semi-automatic shotguns. Its main advantage is that they are very versatile, allowing them to aim better when the target is found in the barrel line. With the addition that they are less mismatched than the parallel ones and that they have two shocks that can almost always be interchanged.

Bolt action shotguns

Nowadays, bolt-action shotguns are the most used because of the great versatility they offer, adapting perfectly to almost any hunting circumstance. Of course, in most cases we will only have a single opportunity to kill the animal, which can be solved by practicing the movement of locking and unlocking to perform the movement automatically and quickly.

Sliding shotguns

Also called trombone shotguns, they are not very common in Spain. Of course, they have the great advantage of being infallible. If it fails, the cartridge goes directly to the next one. But also, they allow to load a greater number of cartridges than a semi-automatic one. All we need to do is take a little practice to learn how to use them quickly.

Special caliber shotguns

These are weapons that have infrequent calibers such as .410, 9mm, 16, 20, 28 and 36. Expert shooters can use, for example, the 20 caliber for partridge hunting, while The 20 and 28 caliber ones are a good option for hunting quail, since they come closer and are smaller, which requires an easy to handle and light weapon. And sizes 16, 25 and 28 are ideal for their balance of recoil and effectiveness.

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